What Bugs Are Coming from My Drains

Bugs live and breed in your drains? They absolutely do! What’s even more unsettling is these drain bugs, which are “insects” and also breed inside your pipes, feeding on any available organic matter like grease, hair, food waste and even toothpaste using that gunk for food and to lay their eggs. Getting rid of these insects...
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How to get rid of a dead rat smell in Carlsbad

Pest Control Carlsbad Ca If who’ve experienced the smell of a dead rat in a confined area you’ll never forget it. If you have ever experienced the smell of rat urine. on a hot summer day you will never forget it. That gives you the reason to fear a rat infestation. That odor can completely disrupt...
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How to Keep Cockroaches Away in the winter | Pest Control Temecula

How to Keep Cockroaches Away in the winter | Pest Control Temecula- Pest Control Carlsbad, Ca. pest control temecula It’s said that if there was a nuclear war the only survivors would be cockroaches.” This Myth, according to University studies is just not true. Studies show that cockroaches...
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Pest Control Temecula Don’t DIY Cockroach Control

Pest Control Temecula Don't DIY That: Cockroach Control Inter “how to control cockroaches” into a search engine and you’re likely to get page after page of DIY for baits, traps and home remedies. That’s life in today’s DIY world where you can find instructions for doing anything. pest control temecula Read more