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Laguna Woods Village Rat Control Problem Solved by Wheeler’s Pest Control!

A rodent control service in Orange County for this retirement community Not really, they haven’t called us to look at the community problem and have pretty much left the problem up to the residents to deal with. But if you look at what their landscape...

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Before you read the following you have to promise you won’t reveal the following secrets! Rodent Control Orange County, Secrets reveled!

A good rodent control company in Orange County will send out an experienced exterminator to evaluate a rat control or mouse control problem. Once...

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“Ratting Out the Mouse” “Is Disneyland a haven for Rats?”

The following is an article I found that I thought you might not have read, so I am reprinting on our blog. It was researched and written by Nick Schou of the Orange County weekly. Rats and Rat Shit Everywhere Disney employees claim Goofys Kitchen made them sick The reason I wanted to get this out is...
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