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Bad pest to watch out for in Carlsbad Ca Wheeler’s Pest Control

The wettest winter in a decade means one thing— bugs and rodents. Mosquitoes, rodents and other disease-spreading insects have bred in record numbers over the summer. San Diego Vector Control experts say these are some of the creatures to watch out for. Zika in Carlsbad-The San Diego Department of Public Health has released emergency warnings that...
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Pest Control San Diego- Mosquito’s spreading diseases in San Diego County

San Diego Pest Control-Serious Diseases that can move from vectors to humans. “A vector is either an insect or animal that can spread a disease to humans.” 1. In 2015 the number of cases of West Nile Virus showed a large increase from the year before. As of late November, 27 confirmed cases have been reported to...
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Coronado Beach leads in rat calls In San Diego- Wheeler’s Pest Control Carlsbad

San Diego Pest Control- Rodent Control Service According to calls made to the San Diego County Vector Control over the last 4 years, Coronado has the highest number of calls for help with rat control problems than any other area in San Diego County. Rats, a disease-carrying rodent will show up anywhere if they can find...
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