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Pest Control San Diego- Mosquito’s spreading diseases in San Diego County

San Diego Pest Control-Serious Diseases that can move from vectors to humans. “A vector is either an insect or animal that can spread a disease to humans.” 1. In 2015 the number of cases of West Nile Virus showed a large increase from the year before. As of late November, 27 confirmed cases have been reported to...
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Coronado Beach leads in rat calls In San Diego- Wheeler’s Pest Control Carlsbad

San Diego Pest Control- Rodent Control Service According to calls made to the San Diego County Vector Control over the last 4 years, Coronado has the highest number of calls for help with rat control problems than any other area in San Diego County. Rats, a disease-carrying rodent will show up anywhere if they can find...
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Wheeler’s Pest Control is proud to be serving the San Diego region

Our team at Wheeler’s Pest Control is proud to be serving the San Diego region. From our local coastal areas, to far inland, our family is here to help our community properly manage pest issues. While our weather here is some of the best in the world, it also means our insects, rats, mice, gophers,...
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