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What Attracts Silverfish to Your Home?

Pest Control Carlsbad Ca. Silverfish, silver colored, fast-moving, nocturnal insects that’s habits are similar to cockroaches. Like cockroaches, silverfish can cause allergic reactions in some people, but are primarily nuisance pests that don’t bite and don’t spread pathogens that cause disease. However, they can contaminate food, damage paper goods and stain clothing, so you definitely don't...
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What Bugs Are Coming from My Drains

Bugs live and breed in your drains? They absolutely do! What’s even more unsettling is these drain bugs, which are “insects” and also breed inside your pipes, feeding on any available organic matter like grease, hair, food waste and even toothpaste using that gunk for food and to lay their eggs. Getting rid of these insects...
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Bad pest to watch out for in Carlsbad Ca Wheeler’s Pest Control

The wettest winter in a decade means one thing— bugs and rodents. Mosquitoes, rodents and other disease-spreading insects have bred in record numbers over the summer. San Diego Vector Control experts say these are some of the creatures to watch out for. Zika in Carlsbad-The San Diego Department of Public Health has released emergency warnings that...
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