Shopping & Delivery

Hello and welcome to shopping and delivery page! Here you can read some details about a nifty little lifecycle of your order's journey from the time you place your order to your new Service arriving at your doorstep. At first you choose the product you like. Then you put into your shopping cart and pass the checkout process in a few clicks. Our store offers several payment and delivery methods, so you have an opportunity to choose which one is the most convenient for you.

Cash On Delivery Or PayPal

If you choose cash on delivery method, please note that this means that you should pay cash, check, or visa master or discover for the Service you purchase at time of service. This is a common policy for cash on delivery services method.

100%  Guarantee

IF The Bugs Come Back So Will We! (with yearly Pest Control Plans. Other wise a 30 or 60 day warranty may apply on one time services. See online offer for more details).


Your property will be inspected prior to service. If the actual square footage, infestation is inaccurate to what was provided during this purchase, additional cost will be agreed upon in writing before service is preformed.


Wheeler's Pest Control takes your privacy seriously. We never sell the personal information you provide to us in any area of our web site.