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 Fleas can be difficult to control without teamwork. We have found that when the customer follows these guidelines the treatments are more effective and control is achieved more quickly.

The property needs to be ready prior to our appointment time. If you are not going to be able to be prepared please contact the office prior to appointment time to discuss rescheduling when you will be able to be prepared.


Preparations prior to arrival:

Clear all carpeted floor (including closets) of boxes, clothing, toys, & any other items that will prevent


All furniture should be moved from the edges of the room to allow access to the floor wall junctions.

Vacuum: furniture, especially between and under cushions, wood, tile, and vinyl flooring, all carpeting and rugs.

Vacuum pet sleeping and resting areas (under furniture, window sills, shelves, etc.)

Hot water wash all pet bedding. If disposing of bedding materials, seal contaminated bedding in plastic bags and place in outside waste.

Particular attention should be given to pest harborages (i.e. baseboards, cracks and crevices). Dispose of the vacuum bags after cleanup.

Pets:  Remove pets from the home (prior to application).

Store or cover all pet food containers and bowls.

Cover fish bowls or fish tanks.

Make sure all pets are treated with an approved formulation, preferably via a vet.


Secure: any private, valuable or important items. We will be going through your

entire home.

Be prepared to vacate the premises during service and for about 3-4 hours

following service to allow time for chemicals to dry.

After treatment is complete:

You can re-enter your home after the treatment has dried.

If an odor is noticed, ventilate upon re-entry to the treated area by opening doors

and windows.

Do not clean carpet or floors with detergents or cleaners for at least two weeks. (detergents will neutralize the chemicals). Cleaning after treatment will void an warranty provided by Wheeler's Pest Control.

Continue to vacuum daily for a week. (remove vacuum contents to exterior trash container each time)

If infestation is severe it may be necessary to launder and dry clothing to remove fleas, eggs, pet hair.

Repeat ALL preparations on the day prior to the follow-up treatment as well. This should be scheduled 14-21 days from initial treatment.

An exterior treatment may be necessary as well. Our technician can advise what best fits your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 877-595-BUGS if you have any questions or need further instructions.


Please Note: Flea activity may be observed for a couple of weeks after

treatment. This is not unusual and may be due to newly hatched insects, which have not yet come into contact with insecticide. These fleas will eventually die.

Expect that if you have severe infestation that we may need to return for a

follow up visit. In most cases, we can eradicate your flea problem in one visit; however, you should be prepared for the worst. If the service technician believes that a follow-up will be necessary, he or she will advise you prior to any treatment.


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