Facts, Identification & Control


Fleas are smaller then an ant in size.fleas
They have shinny brown bodies.
They will usually can be found through animal fur in homes with pets.
Fleas Bites on people tend to located on legs and lower back.
More information on what fleas look like.

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Adults feed on blood from a pet or human. Larvae feed on blood in feces from the fleas. Fleas are more likely to be found on a hairy animals such as dogs, cats, rodents, squirrels, rats, mice and
wild animals, because the hair becomes a nesting area. Fleas speed by jumping or eggs falling off host animal.


Eggs are why most homeowners can not resolved a flea issue. while eggs are hatching the flea egg cycletreatment will most likely need to be reapplied on rugs, carpet, and the the flooring. Most hatch within 14 days. Read more about the life cycle of fleas.

Fleas In The House

Fleas can go six month without blood in a state of hibernation, and be awaking by vibrations, most fleas indoors are cause by a flea jumping on you or your pet from the outside. The fleas usually pick one host and bite them more often then others, some people in the home don't get bite at all. Some homes have rats, mice, raccoons, in the attic and when that rodent or animal dies or leaves the fleas come inside to find the next host most likely the people living in the home.
When treating a home veterinarian-approved flea control products on your pets is recommended at the same time as flea service. Vacuuming the home removes eggs and adult flea, but should be emptied in a outside trash can. Washing of bedding with soapy hot water and drying on high will remove the fleas and eggs. A regular pest control treatment on the exterior of you home may be need due to fleas coming from neighboring properties.

How To Identify a Flea Problem

Fleas are easy to see when a white sheet or paper towel is played on the floor. When the population is still small in numbers you may not see them, but are being bitten on legs or lower back area. If you have a pet give them a bath and the fleas will flow on top of the water for you to see. The flea eggs, larvae and pupae are hard to detect and usually in the carpet and floor rugs in the home. When a IGR insect growth regulator is applied it stops fleas from reproducing, it is mixed with a general residual spray.

Signs of  Fleas

The most common indication would be bites on lower legs, pets scratch all day. Flea bites flea bitesare very uncomfortable itchy and may cause scares on people. Not everyone in the home will have bites fleas will go to the best host. Read more on flea infestations.

Fleas in bedding?

Fleas are sometimes found in bedding of the host people or pets. The best way to remove the fleas is by washing and drying with hot temperature. On couches you may vacuum the and trow away vacuum bag in exterior trash can to prevent eggs from hatching in vacuum.


Homeowner should contact their pest control professional for treatment. Most of the over-the-counter products for fleas does not have a growth regulator and long residual in it. Your pest management professional will inspection and locate nesting zones and high flea population areas in and around your home.

How to do your own treatment for fleas.

Well, in my option you shouldn't do fleas yourself due to the product are strong the for ants, but if you're going to do it yourself read entire label of chemicals you will use for heath and fire hazards. You also need a good full face resperator and neoprene gloves. You may need to be out of the house for four or more hours depending if you have, heath conditions, small kids, pets.