BREAKING NEWS 02/20/2015-Man dies of virus linked to Ticks “US authorities discover deadly new virus”!

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Ticks are active year round in Orange County Ca. but their activity level picks up big time in the spring. Lymes Disease was the last problem we heard about but there are treatments available for that one. This one is different in that it is an unknown virus and nothing the doctors tried help this man. Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County have their main tick season in the spring so beware of those little suckers.
US health officials announced on 2/20 that a new virus was discovered that was responsible for the death of a Kansas man. The virus was named the Burbon virus after the county were the victim lived.
The victim was a man in his 50’s and had been bitten by ticks multiple times in the days before he became ill. The doctors who treated the man said he fell ill suffering from headaches and a fever before he passed away.
The man was treated with antibiotics but they didn’t help. His kidneys failed and lost his ability to breathe on his own.

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