Cheap Work isn’t good; Good Work isn’t Cheap!

Cheap work cost city $450,000.
A San Diego man won a $450,000 settlement after severely injuring his knee on a city soccer field riddled with gopher holes. Andre Walker needed knee reconstruction after stepping into a gopher hole at the Ocean Beach Recreation Area. Walker argued that the city failed to safely maintain the field, despite complaints about the dangerous conditions. During arbitration, he displayed letters from other players who were injured at the field.
The city hired a pest control company to perform a gopher control service on the city parks. The company they hired had submitted the lowest bid for the work, but city officials were advised that the bid was too low to cover the costs of an exterminator to provide a proper gopher control service.
The city didn’t take the advice and hired the company with the cheapest service. Even after numerous complaints about the conditions of the playing fields the city fail to get mister cheap to correct the issues and it cost them $450,000 dollars. That would have covered a top level gopher control service with a bunch of money left over.
Getting the cheapest bid for a project isn’t always in your best interest. I just got done with a major remodel on my kitchen and had taken many bids for what I needed to get done. The bids I accepted had two things in common. One, I got advise from others that had similar work done and the second thing I looked for was price. Not once did I take the lowest bidder just because of price. The way I figure, the most expensive thing I could do is pay twice to get a job done right.
Wheeler’s Pest Control my not always be the lowest priced company you look at but you can be assured our prices are fair and are set to make sure the work gets done properly.
If you have an exterminator project, give us a call. You’ll get a fair price and a good service from us.

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