Consequences of California’s Record Drought

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Wheeler’s Pest Control specializes in rodent control, rat control, and rat extermination. 2014 ended up being our busiest every. The reason of the big increase in business was the weather.
You see some people think there is a drought and in one way they are right. All the open areas around our homes and business are dry, very dry. But on the other hand we have created an alternate eco system. Our landscaping, our parks and other landscaping’s in our community are getting plenty of water.
In areas around our community’s that are not landscaped or watered are dry, very dry. Because it’s so dry rats, mice and all types of insects are getting pushed out of the native areas and into our lush, green properties.
You see all these pests need the same things we as humans need. Rats, mice, ants, spiders and roaches need food, water and shelter just like us. If they aren’t able to get what they need in the areas they are living in, they will go find it. That means into our nice landscaped properties.
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