Orange County Pest Control-How to prevent contacting typhus

Orange County Pest Control-How to prevent contacting typhus what you can do to reduce the risk of contracting flea-borne typhus?
This disease is spread by infected fleas biting humans. These fleas are spread to areas were humans are by hitching a ride on feral cats, rats and possums. Once they have taken their blood meal they drop off their host as the roam around an area. If your pets move through those flea infected area, they can pick up those infected fleas and carry them back home.
The real problem is that rats, feral cats and possums are probably visiting you yard and you don’t even know it. Since night time is the time of day those critters move around, you may never know they have been in your yard. But as they secretly visit your yard, they are dropping fleas which you and your animals may be picking up.
Here are our tips for keeping those fleas away:
1. Keep domestic animals free of fleas by regularly treating them with flea prevention medications. Consult your veterinarian for more information
2. Keep the area around your home or business free of fleas. Consult a Wheeler’s pest management for additional information.
3. Keep trash cans cover at all times, do not encourage feral cats, rats or possums to visit your home or yard by directly or indirectly feeding them. Remove fruit that has dropped from trees, uneaten pet food, open trashcans, and bird feeders where it may attract other animals.
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