Orange County Pest Control- the County is busy with influx of oriental cockroaches amid drought

Orange County Pest Control - the County is busy with influx of oriental cockroaches amid drought
A by-product of the drought in Orange County is Oriental Cockroaches making their way out of the sewers and into your homes looking for water.

Wheeler’s Pest control says they're getting the largest increase in calls for oriental cockroach problems out of Orange County they've had in the last 30 years. They are coming up from the storm drains, sewers, water meters, cracks in the pavement looking for water.
They are an outside roach but will come into you home looking for water and a damp place to hang out like the kitchen, the bathroom, under the carpet.
Thanks to the drought, they're heading into homes in record numbers, according to Daniel Wheeler of Wheeler’s Pest Control says,” as their food and habitats dry up, the roaches have no choice but to move. He said they're most active when the sun goes down”.
Daniel said you will see them around storm drains a lot and around commercial properties with the large dumpsters and dense ground cover. So what can you do to stop the oriental cockroach from getting into your home? Daniel said seal holes and cracks around the foundation of your home. Make sure you have door sweeps on all doors leading to the outside. This includes your garage doors. Check inside your water meter box and if you find a bunch have it treated. Inside a home, he says sticky traps and vacuums work better than pesticides.

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