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This problem has been going on forever and you are now in the season for these scumbags to start showing up. We at Wheeler’s Pest Control are trying to make you aware of a problem that can cost you thousands of dollars and may lead to you getting hurt.
It’s called Deception Theft or Distraction Burglary. It’s usually performed by Traveling Criminals but many gangs are getting involved in this activity. These people will hit a couple of homes in an area, and then move to another.
Here’s how they work!
Some groups are made up young and older members and on occasion even their own small children. They will frequent residential areas to both locate targets and as a means of gaining the confidence of intended victims young kids may be accompanying the adults.

They may pose as doorstep fraudsters, pose as officials (including council, police, utility workers, door-to-door salesmen, contractors, real estate agents, volunteer service groups, medical examiners), to gain the targeted victims confidence, enabling them to gain entry into the residence during daytime hours.
Once inside, one keeps the victim busy or distracted while the other steals valuables from another part of the residence.
Last year South Orange County was targeted early in the spring by two people posing as sub-contractors working for their HOA. They said they had been sent out to check door frames . Then they moved to various parts of Los Angeles running the same scam before dropping down to San Diego. This year the first reports of this scam came from two San Diego homes that were burglarized as their owners were distracted by a man claiming to be a city pest control worker.
The victims say a man wearing a blue shirt with a city of San Diego emblem and the name “Bill” on it knocked on their doors and said he worked in pest control.
One of the victims, who wished not to be identified, said the suspect was very convincing and seemed official.
“He was a pretty young guy, really charming, seemed like he knew what he was doing,” said George.

He said at the suspect requested he show him the backyard to help measure for raccoon and possum traps.
While the suspect and victim walked to the back, another person got into the home and burglarized it, taking his cash and jewelry.
One of the victim said,” He never thought I could get burglarized while in my own house”.
Just a few hours earlier, Yen Vuong’s husband and father of two had a similar experience at their Clairemont house.
Vuong said she was not home at the time, but her husband described the suspect as looking official and insistent.
As the suspect played out the same ploy, his accomplice ransacked the Vuongs’ bedroom, taking more than $2,000. The man who posed as a city worker is between 25 and 35 years old, standing between 5-foot-8-inches and 5-foot-11-inches and weighing between 210 and 225 pounds.
The police said many people don’t even know they have been robbed for hours or even days when they find valuables missing. That’s how these crooks can hit 2 or 3 homes in one area and get away.
They also said many of these burglaries go unreported because people are too embarrassed to admit they got taken.

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