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Pest Control Myths Don’t Work!
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If you’ve pest control or rodent control problems, it’s time to stop messing around. Got ants, spiders, roaches, rats, mice, wasps, gophers or other critters and creepy-crawlers, there is no time to mess around with ideas that don’t work. Now is the time to put an end to the myths!
Here are those pest solutions that will totally not work!
Mosquito Repellants are only needed at Dawn & Dusk.
Some people think you only need to use mosquito repellants when the sun is setting. What’s real is mosquitoes will bite at any time of day, so it’s best to be prepared!
Cheese is the best bait for Mice.
In the cartoons, Tom & Jerry are always after a piece of cheese, cheese is thought to be a practical way to catch mice. In reality, it’s not the best way to bait for mice! Mice actually are more attracted to high-sugar foods like cereal, cookies or sugar cubes. You can get rid of bed bugs with aerosol bombs.
Bed bug infestation is a nightmare, so panicking is common placed. So we go for what we think is the quickest way to get rid of them. Bed-bug bombs are bought in hope the horror would end. In reality, research at Ohio State, Florida State and UC Riverside have found that bug bombs do next to nothing to rid of bed bugs. This is because the brief exposure time, the fact that the bomb can’t reach them when they are deep in cracks and crevasses and they have no effect on their eggs. What has been found is these bombs make them worst by scattering them around them into other rooms.
.Insects and Rodents are deterred by Ultrasonic Repellents.
The sonic pest repellents that you see advertised on TV that you could plug in to outlets to repel spiders or other bugs? All scientific, and I mean all scientific studies have found that those things are completely useless. So, don’t even bother spending your money on those things!
Bug Zappers Keep Mosquitoes Away.
Bug zappers attract and kill insects that are attracted to various light wave lengths. Mosquitoes, and the threat of West Nile virus, are not attracted to light. They have acute receptors in their antennae and heads that cans detect scents 100 feet away. Carbon dioxide, created when mammals exhale, is the most favorite sent they search, along with body odor, and other secretions that are released through your skin. Mosquitoes care less about a bright light – they are much more attracted to you!

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