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Pest Control Temecula Ca - IIII Calls to Wheeler’s Pest Control up due to more spiders.
This page is the forth in a series about Dangerous spiders we encounter doing pest control in Temecula Ca. The page was on the Western Black Widow Spider. The three other articles can be read in Wheeler’s pest control blog.
Know Your Spiders:

The Western Black Widow Spider
What the Western Black Widow Looks like: the most distinctive feature is the shiny black bodies and a red hourglass-shaped marking on their belly. This marking is usually red but can be an orange-yellow.
The males are about half the size of females. They are lighter in color, with red or pink spots on their backs.
Distribution of the Western Black Widow Spider:
The Western Black Widow spider is found basically west of the Mississippi River in the United States. In Temecula Ca the Western Black Widow is the only variation of the black widow group.
Where Does the Western Black Widows live?
This spider can be found in dark, dry shelters such as "out builds, garages, basements, hollow stumps, rodent holes, rock piles, trash, trash can lids, brush and dense vegetation. When you are outside gardening gloves are a useful tool to keep from getting bitten Moving boxes in your garage, putting your fingers under the trash can handle are all places people can run into this spider..
What do Western Black Widows Feed On? The Western Black Widow spider eats other spiders and insects that get caught in their webs. The female spider hangs upside down from her web as she waits for her prey. She does this to shows off her bright hour glass marking, which, according to some experts, are a visible warning to potential predators that she is toxic. The markings really don’t seem to frighten off prey but this theory came up because of differences found in how birds and insects perceive color. That’s the speculation some have.
Western Black widows eat flies, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders and caterpillars. After the prey is caught in the web, the black widow then wraps the prey in silk. It then punctures its prey with its fangs and injects digestive enzymes that liquefy the corpse. The spider then sucks up the fluid.
Western Black Widow's bite:

spider bite
Black widows are considered to have the strongest poison of all spiders in North America. Their venom is said to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake's..
Even though the Western Black widows are highly poisonous; they bite humans only when disturbed. Only bites of the females are regarded as a threat to humans. Contrary to most beliefs, bites from this spider very rarely result in death or serious harm. It is important to know that those that are most at risk are the very young, very old and sick.
Western Black widow's bite are said to feel like a pinprick to most people. Pain will start to begin within a few minutes and it will spread rapidly to other parts of the body.
The effect of the bite can include nausea, profuse sweating, and severe pain in abdomen and back, muscle aches, hypertension and paralysis of the diaphragm, which can cause difficulty in breathing.
The pain can last from eight to twelve hours and the other symptoms may go on for several days.
When should you seek Medical Care?
If you think you or someone you know has been bitten by a Western Black Widow Spider, get them to a doctor as soon as possible. It so important to bring the spider that did the biting in question to the doctor’s office to make sure he knows what he is dealing with. That would make sure the correct diagnosis is made. If you can’t get to see your doctor quickly then go to the emergency room.
It’s important to note here that there is anti-venom for Bites from all western black widow spiders.
Wheeler’s pest control can help you with spider control problem for your home or commercial property. Give us a call, we’d be glad to help. 877-595-2847.

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