Do we have any psychiatrist reading our blogs? There are some really psychotic people

Do we have any psychiatrist reading our blogs? There are some really psychotic people with the “ALLEY CAT ALLIES “that have totally lost contact with reality and need your help.
This group wrote an article entitled “Feral Cats and the Public-A Healthy Relationship”- The science behind why feral cats are safe members of our communities.

Here’s a breakdown of our rebuttal to this article:
The Alley Cats say, “Science shows Feral Cat Colonies Pose NO Disease Risks to Humans” and there is “No danger from rabies”
But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says” For 30 years, the main animal linked to human exposure to rabies in the United States has been the cat. In the past 10 years, the number of feral cat colonies has exploded as animal-rights groups’ fight to end the capturing and killing of strays”.
The Alley Cats say, “Parasites are Species Specific”.
A particle truth. Some are but the most prolific flea, the cat flea, these cats carry is not species specific and bites humans.
The ALLY Cats say,” Flea-borne Typhus is Rare and Cats Don't Play a Part in the Fleas Arrival or Growth”.
Los Angeles leads the country in reported “flea-borne typhus cases” and the city of Huntington Beach has the most reported cases of this problem according to Orange County Vector Control. Over the last year an outbreak of this disease has been noted in the North Orange County Area. Orange County Vector Control has been trying to trap feral cats and study their fleas in that area to determine the source of that problem. According to the vector control people each feral cat carries 100 to 150 fleas.
Since the 2006 outbreak of this disease in the area, the number of cases has increased every year since and correlates directly with the explosion of feral cats in the area. It is true that removing the feral cats will not stop the spread of the cat fleas which spread the disease but it will reduce the numbers of animals that carries these fleas. You’re talking about hundreds of thousands of feral cats in the area and hundreds of possums which carry the flea. Which reduction in flea carriers would have the biggest impact on the spread of flea borne typhus?
Wheeler’s Pest Control can help with any flea control issue you may have as well as trapping and removing unwanted feral cats or possums. We’d be glad to help, just give us a call.

Cats are more likely to infect people with bites than dogs, and they bite about 400,000 people a year. Between 28 percent and 80 percent of the bites become infected, according to the review, which Kravetz co-authored with Dr. Daniel Federman, associate professor of internal medicine at Yale School of Medicine.

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