Tick borne diseases- Orange County Pest Control Tragedy as girl, 6, dies

Tick borne diseases- Orange County Pest Control Tragedy as girl, 6, dies after contracting mystery disease following tick bite! Protecting yourself from ticks-Orange County Pest Control

Emilee Russell, a 6-year-old died after being bitten by a tick while visiting relatives.
Three different hospitals were unable to positively identity her condition, with each one finding themselves just as baffled as the next. “They suspect its Rocky Mountain spotted fever but the doctors at the 3 hospitals said what they saw with all their tests didn’t really fit the symptoms for that disease,” said a newspaper report.
Now on 2/20/2015 a man died of a virus linked to ticks, with the CDC saying it was a new virus they hadn’t seen before. That was in Kansas. It doesn’t look like the CDC has linked the two incidents but it’s unusual that two similar situations with the same symptoms, even though they were hundreds of miles apart, aren’t being studied yet.
In Southern California it’s getting to be tick season. In Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County the Counties Vector Control will be out checking their tick populations. In San Bernardino County they have already found Black- Legged ticks carrying Lyme disease and I’m sure they will be found in all the other counties. They always find them.
In our area the black-legged tick is a known carrier of Lyme disease and always shows up each spring. All counties routinely tests for the presents of this disease in their local tick population but don’t really look for something new. Lyme disease was first found in the 1970’s in Connecticut and thought to be isolated to the Northeast. But, shortly thereafter, it was also found in California. That’s what’s a little scary with this new virus found in Kansas and Texas. Is it here already?
Most people living in the suburbs don’t see ticks. They are usually found in open fields, in areas with tall grass and weeds. So, areas like San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, the Coastal Hills through Laguna Beach and Irvine are prime areas for ticks.
They can be spread to other areas when feral animals, like cats, squirrels, rabbits, skunks and possums pick them up as they move through weeds and tall grass. When these feral animals visit your property ticks can fall off of them, leaving them to spread in your yard OR home.
We also have many nice walking trails in Orange County which we take our dogs to. The dogs can pick up ticks as they brush up against weeds and tall grass along these trails. Then they bring them to you home.
Wheeler’s Pest Control can get rid of tick of a tick infestation. It is a difficult job once they get into a building or home so as soon as you notices ticks on your animals or in your yard, have someone inspect your property. Give us a call for any of your pest control problems.

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