Zzzzzzzp! Gotcha! Yes, that great sound of another bug getting zapped

Zzzzzzzp! Gotcha!
Yes, that great sound of another bug getting zapped on a summer night. That seductive blue glow of a bug zapper draws thousands of bugs to their timely demise. Bugs just can’t resist flying into that light and getting zapped when they hit that 2000 volt wire mesh.
As handy as those small execution chambers are, they just cannot clear large areas. Instead you get a pest control service to help out. Finding another way to control those beetle and moths would sure be nice. Now an alternative just might be in the making.
Japanese researches at Tohoku University have found out that different wavelengths of visible light are deadly to certain species of insects. For example, blue light with a wavelength equaling 467 mm was 100% lethal to fruit fly pupae. I guess we can shine that light across the county rather than use the aerial spraying of Malathion which kills everything, bees included. They found that any adult that gets hit by that light has a shorter lifespan and produces few eggs.
The researchers also found that different wavelengths would affect different insects in a similar manner. I am flying out to Japan right now and trying to find one of those lights.
If you see one of our techs walking around shinning a blue light around you’ll know why. Just give Wheeler's Pest Control a call if you have any pest problems. We’d be glade to help.

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