The Top 10 Most Dangerous pest’s home owners should watch out for In Temecula and Murrieta!

The Top 10 Most Dangerous pest’s home owners should watch out for In Temecula and Murrieta!

Pests can be very destructive and dangerous to your health. Here are the ones that are the most dangerous and destructive in our area. With the coming El Nino these pest will be forced into your homes and yards so get ready!

1. Rats
Rats cause 100,000 home and building fires a year but the fire authority says 10 times that many have rats as their number one suspect. Rats eat and contaminate 10 of millions of tons of food every year. They will chew through wiring, plastic and copper pipes, wood structures and tear up drywall and insulation in buildings. Among the diseases rats can transmit to humans are the Plague, Murine Typhus, Hanta Virus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis (food poisoning), and rat bite fever.

2. Mice
There are two types of mice that are problem in Temecula and Murrieta. The deer mouse and the Vole (Meadow Mouse) both are known carries of the Hanta Virus. They are in the fields all around us and because their burrows are shallow the coming rains will force them out to go find a dryer place to be.

3. Black Widow
They won’t kill you but they will make people sick, especially the very young and elderly. These spiders can be found inside and outside. Their webs are usually found in dark places near the ground but they may get under the eaves of your home.
4. Brown Widow

This spider is found mainly outside in more open areas than their cousin. The bit is similar to its cousin the Black Widow.
5. Desert Recluse

This spider is dangerous because it hides in shoes and clothing. Their bite is painful and causes insomnia, slow healing wounds, fevers and very slow healing wounds.
6. Kissing Bug

This bug transmits serious bacterial diseases with its bite. This bug hides in cracks and cervices and come out for blood meals at night.

7. Paper Wasps

This wasp becomes are very aggressive when sounds or movement is detected near its nest. They have very nasty stings that become infested easily. They will build massive nests under eaves, awnings and under porches.

8. Gophers
Gophers create holes and soft spots in lawns and fields. They will undermine sidewalks, driveways and home foundations. Trips and falls cause leg and knee injuries and are common in infested areas.

9. Fire ants and red imported fire ants.
This ant stings like a wasp. If its nest is disturbed they will swarm out by the thousand to attack. Their sting makes your skin feel like fire fells like

10. Cockroaches
They contaminate food, eating and cooking utensils, destroy paper and fabrics. They will leave stains and bad odors to any surfaces they frequent. They transmit all kinds of bacteria that cause food poisoning, hepatitis and coliform bacteria.
Being proactive and doing something that will help reduce the possibility of these dangerous pests affecting you give Wheeler’s Pest Control a call.

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