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This page is the third in a series about Dangerous spiders in Temecula Ca. The first page was on the Desert Recluse spider, the second page covers the brown widow spider, and this page covers the yellow sac spider.



The yellow sac spider has been common encounter in pest control services in Temecula Ca and most of the United States. This spiders color varies and is a reflection of the color of the last insect it consumed. This spider is the cause of more bites than the black widow, brown widow and recluse spider all put together. It is the spider responsible for most bites in Temecula Ca. The bite of this spider is often described to be it worse than a wasp sting. During the summer, when there's plenty of food, the yellow sack spider prefers to live in the organic mulch around homes and other building. They may live in the mulch, on trees, shrubs, and in low vegetation close to open areas like lawns and fields.
In the fall, when the insects they feed on are disappearing, this spider heads indoors to find food. It is often seen running along baseboards and on walls. If you disturbed, it will drop to the floor or play dead.
It lays it egg sacs in corners of all types. The egg sacs are white and encased in spun silk. The female hangs around and guards its egg sac, so if you are removing egg sacs be careful, she will try and protect her egg sac.
The map below shows you where the Yellow Sac Spider is found. The Bite of the Yellow Sac


This spider’s venom is similar to the Recluse spider. If you are bitten the poison will start destroying your skin cells.
If you are bitten it will feel like you have been stung by a wasp. Redness and a mild swelling will start to show up. Blisters will follow and break open leaving a sore that can take weeks to heal. Sometimes an ulcer may develop which will cause scarring.

When should you seek Medical Care?
If you think you or someone you know has been bitten by a Yellow Sac Spider get them to a doctor as soon as possible. It so important to bring the spider that did the biting in question to the doctor’s office to make sure he knows what he is dealing with. That would make sure the correct diagnosis is made. If you can’t get to see your doctor quickly then go to the emergency room.

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