Pest Control Temecula – Funnel Weaver

Pest Control Temecula-Funnel Weaver
Know Your Spiders Grass Spiders or Funnel Weaver

pest control temeculatemecula pest control
Grass spiders or Funnel Web spider are very common in pest control Temecula Ca. You can sometimes tell when you have these spiders because of the concave, horizontal sheet-like web with a tunnel located on one side of web. You will find this webbing in your lawn and sometimes in bushes, ground cover, weeds in open fields and shrubs boarding your lawn. You may frequently see these fast-moving spiders indoors in the fall as the spiders seek protection from falling temperatures and heavy rains.
What it looks like.

The grass spiders look similar to the wolf spider but are about ½ the size of a wolf spider. Color can range from black, brown, and gray and depends on what it has been eating. Its distinctive webs that really give it presents away.
What happens if you’re bitten?
Grass spiders are very fast and shy. Consequently, when disturbed they runaway so very few people are bitten. Their bites are reported to cause pain, swelling, redness, and itching and duration of symptoms ranging from 1 to 10 days but without serious consequences.

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