Orange County Restaurant & Food Facility Closures Due to Pest Control

Orange County Restaurant & Food Facility Closures Due to Pest Control Problems in last 30 days as of 01/25/2015


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The ABC GRADING SYSTEM for food handling facilities was developed by Los Angeles in the late 90’s and has spread rapidly , not only in California but nationwide. It spread because everywhere it was instituted the cases of foodborne illnesses dropped. Stats show these problems have dropped as much as 40% in places where it is used. Orange County board of supervisor continues to make the mistake of trying to use a system that is not good. They keep “tweeking the one they got which isn’t working”. (READ OUR PREVIOUS BLOGG POSTING, (Orange County Residents’ Must Speak Out!). The Orange County Grand Jury want’s the ABC CARD system, the Orange County Department of Public Health want’s the ABC CARD system, but the board of supervisors wants to keep making the mistake of not changing. People should be asking the question, Why Not?

Here’s the reasons the board is using to fight This Change:

It’s too punitive. Is it too punitive to make these facilities keep their place clean?

It’s too costly. A study showed it would cost each facility $7 per Year.

The current system works. Read ABOUT True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach. After this place was closed and forced to clean up its act , it was cited 3 months later for the same problems that sicken people before. It’s still open and still getting cited.

Inspectors are corrupt. Haven’t heard of any inspectors asking for brides, have you?

Inspectors are racists. A dirty, roach infested, rodent infested, unsanitary kitchen needs fixing no matter who you are! I can’t believe she made that statement!

Rules are too harsh for immigrant entrepreneurs. I though the rules set up for public safety were the same for everybody. Should we cut anyone slack on this issue!

Don’t you think Eleanor’s advice fits this issue?


######- MEANS WASN’T REOPRNED AS OF 1/25/2015

Facility Name                      Site Address                       Violation                 Date Closed             Date Reopened

Nutricion              210 W 1st, Santa Ana             Roach Infestation            01/23/2015                   ########

Wasa Sushi          13124 Jamboree, Irvine        Roach Infestation             01/22/2015                  01/23/2015

Metro Cafe      575 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa    Rodent Infestation          01/22/2015                  01/23/2015

Thai Spice         263 E 17th,Costa Mesa              Roach Infestation            01/21/2015                  01/22/2015

Tutte Frutti      7941 Beach Blvd, Buena Park  Roach Infestation             01/20/2015                  01/21/2015

CVS       20475 Yorba Linda Blvd. ,Yorba Linda  Rodent Infestation          01/20/2015                 01/20/2015

Panda Bowl      1200 W Warner Ave, Santa Ana  Rodents Infestation     01/20/2015                 #########

El Asde Oros    3331 W 1st, Santa Ana                 Rodent Infestation          01/12/2015                 01/13/2015

Nutrishop-UP    10899 Los Alamitos, Los Alamitos  Rodent Infestation   01/12/2015                01/12/2015

Café Lu Lounge 10171 Westminster ave, Westminster Roach Infestation01/09/2015               01/10/2015

Michaels Kitchen 15446 Goldenwest St, Westminster Roach Infestation  01/08/2015              01/09/2015

UNO Water          2434 Orangethorpe, Fullerton            Roach Infestation  01/08/2015              01/09/2015

Cholulas Bakery         1002 E 17th, Santa Ana           Foodborne Illness          01/07/2015              01/20/1025

Sofis Family Nutrition 2800 W Warner, Santa Ana  Roach Infestation         01/05/2015              01/14/2015

La Palma Nursing Center  1130 W La Palma, Anaheim  Rodent Infestation  12/31/2014            12/31/2014

SGM Liquor& Deli     6928 Katella ave, Cypress           Rodent Infestation     12/26/2014             12/26/2014

Shaved N Boba        14250 Culver Dr, Irvine                  Rodent Infestation      12/23/2014           12/24/2014

ARCO GAS               2351 E Orangethorpe, Fullerton     Rodent Infestation     12/23/2014            12/23/2014

International Billards  6328 Westminster, Westminster Rodent Infestation 12/ 23/2014            12/26/2014

All the information on this page was taken from the Orange County Environmental Health site. If you use this site to check out those facilities listed above, and others you may frequent you may find that many places are having reoccurring problems that aren’t being addressed.

If you own a restaurant and need help or advise on any pest control problem you are facing, just give Wheeler’s Pest Control a call. We’d be glade to help.

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