Rodent Proofing your Home or Business 

Rodent proofing your home is another step you want to take if you are having a rodent problem inside your home. You see, rats leave a trail of urine and dropping everywhere they go. This is how they find their way back to places they like. This trail is also one that other rats will follow. Therefore if rat proofing isn’t completed properly you can bet on other rats finding their way back into your home.

Wheeler’s Rodent Exterminators

Our exterminators have at least 10 years of experience at solving rodent problems. Whether it’s either rodent proofing your home or business, rodent control, rat prevention, or exterminating rats, you can’t find more experienced exterminators. No other company can provide you with that level of expertise.

Elements of good rodent proofing

  • Identify all active or potential points of entry Rodents  may use to get inside your home  and seal them up
  • Wheeler’s uses  only construction grade products to rodent proof your home
  • Identify any contributing aspects of the building and/ or landscaping that may welcome rodents to your yard and onto your home.
  • Advise the home owner accordingly of rodent control issues that may lead to a re -infestation


Guarantee Options

Wheeler’s Guarantees the Rodent Proofing work we do for 1 years

Combine Rodent Proofing with our Rodent Baiting Program and we will give you a lifetime guarantee

Call Wheeler’s Pest Control Today for any Rodent Control Problem!


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