RATS ATE MY CAR! Rats in car Problem

Rats in car Problem

Do you expect me to believe that a rat ate your car? No but rats causing $1000’s of dollars in damage to the wiring, other engine parts and seats is an increasing problem and that problem is caused by the car makers. And they won’t cover the repairs under their warranties. What do you think of that?
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This car's rat problem is far more common than you might think and is reflected in the picture of a sign posted at a Porsche dealer in Beverly Hills stating extra charges for rat infested cars. The only thing you can do is understand why this rat problem is happening, and be aware what is going on.

Every decision everyone makes has consequences. Companies that make cars said they wanted to go green and use as much renewal materials as they could in their cars. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Before the Green Revolution almost everything used to make a car or truck was made of steel, glass and plastics made from petroleum. (Not very tasty to rats) Those components were found to last longer than the auto makers thought they needed to. So they started to look for materials that were cheaper, could be a substitute for petroleum based products and could be called green products.

Now every car makers are using compositions of materials that have soy, rice husks, and sugars, materials that smell like vanilla, peanut oil and straw, flax and abaca fibers. Things that are not only tasty to rats but their smell can actually attract rats. Bottom line as far as the rats are concerned is that cars started to taste better.
One example of a natural and renewal source used in almost everything in cars and trucks is SOY. Soy is used in the foam for seat cushions, insulation, and carpeting, wiring harness covers, and wiring insulation.

Because of all the problems Honda was having they came up with an official response to this rat control problem in their cars once it became an “established problem”. They sent out service bulletins about the problem with their Odyssey and Accords.
Honda even developed “Honda Rodent-Deterrent Tape as a after the fact cure for this problem. It cost about $40.

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