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Wheeler's follows the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guideline for rodent cleanup

Wheeler's Exterminators is one of very few companies in Orange County Riverside and Los Angeles County that will take rodent infested attics from trapping the rodents out of the attic, exclusion of the rodent so they can't get back, into attic cleanup, removing contaminated attic insulation left from the rodents to attic decontamination to treating for the fleas and mites rats leave behind and baiting on the outside to keep the rodents under control.

When rodents, birds, rats, raccoons, opossums, bats or squirrels, have resided in an attic for any length of time, they contaminate the area with urine, feces; shed fur, parasites, fleas, bed bugs and other contaminants. Unless corrective measures are taken, these disease-causing contaminants and parasites will migrate into and infest other areas within the home as soon as their host dies, creating a health hazard and/or a insect infestation that remains long after the rodents are gone.

Not only does this create a bio-hazard, but the odors left behind from animal or rodent waste can play a vital role in re-infestations in the attic. That's why a complete attic cleanup must include; exclusion, cleanup removing contaminated attic material and treating the area with a biocide and eco friendly pesticide to eliminate the fleas and mites rats leave behind.

Servicing Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles

A question we are often asked is,"Why can't an insulation contractor or air duct cleaning contractor just come in and remove the insulation and do the exclusion work?" The answer is unless they carry a California branch II pest control license or state of California trapping license they are not licensed to trap rats, mammals or birds from your home. They do not carry the proper license to use pesticides to clear fleas and mites left behind once the pest is trapped. If they do not have the license they do not have the proper insurances or bond for that type of job and can create a new problem by leaving the fleas and mites behind to infest your home. The most expensive thing you can buy is a service or product you have to buy again because it wasn't done right the first time.

Another question we often get is, "Does homeowners insurance covers this type of work?" The answer to this question is depending on what caused the problem. Some mammal's damage, such as raccoons may be covered. Damage by rats are not covered.

Wheeler’s Pest Control specializes in rodent exterminating, rodent cleanup after an infestation and, attic cleanup after an infestation. We service Orange County, Los Angeles metro area, and San Diego metro area.

Rodent Cleanup and Decontamination Services in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside County. 

The Federal Healthy Homes Work Group Identified” a pest-free environment as one of 8 characteristics for a safe and healthy home”. Other characteristics for a healthy home identified from that group, were clean and contaminant free homes.

Rodents (raccoons, possum, squirrels) and rat specifically destroy billions of dollars in foodstuffs every year and spread many different types of diseases through either direct contact with humans, (by their urine, droppings, saliva or bites), or indirect contact, (by the insects and mites they carry on their body like fleas, ticks and mites).

Don’t feel special, almost every home has had or will have a rodent infestation. Rodents and rats are in every community and will find their way into most homes. You see, studies have found that rats and rodents are constantly searching and exploring an area of 150 to 300 feet from their nesting area. That’s all they do, every day of their lives. If they can’t find an already made opening they will chew and claw their way through almost anything to get inside.

Wheeler’s is the industry leader in Rodent Control and Rodent clean up after and infestation in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside County. Our Rodent exterminators have over 10 years of experience specializing in rat cleanup  and rodent cleanup with our exclusive rodent decontamination services. As the industry leader we are the only Licensed Pest Control Company servicing all of Southern California that Specializes in rodent extermination, attic cleanup and rodent Infestation decontamination. Rodent cleanup is our specialty and if you have had an infestation of any kind of rodent you can call us today for a free inspection and quote to clean it up for you.

Here’s what to expect from a rodent infestationin Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside County.

Rats or other rodents have a world different than humans. Their world is based on smells not sight. For example, rats are almost blind but have an acute since of smell. Rats, like most rodents, leave behind urine, feces and body oils in their travels. This provides a trail of scents that they can follow back to their nests as well as a trail they can follow back to food, water or shelter they found. But it is not a trail that they alone follow. Their brothers, sisters, cousins or any other rat will follow those scents.

Subsequently, if the infested area in your home isn’t cleaned up you can count on that area being reinvested in the future.

Furthermore, rats and other rodents all carry parasites of one type or another according to the CDC, CENTERS FOR DIEASE CONTROL. Fleas, mites, bed bugs and ticks are common parasites carried by rodents. Most of these will be found in their nesting area, but will spread beyond those points. If a rat or rodent dies these parasites will leave their host as the dying rodents body temperature begins to drop. At that point they will begin to look for a new host. This could be a pet, another rodent or you. Therefore, spraying your attic, sub area and home for these parasites is one more necessary step in the rodent cleanup process.

Wheeler’s Pest Control is the only rodent cleanup company that is licensed in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside County., bonded and insured to take you through the entire rodent cleanup process. We will provide the following services to get your home back to a safe and healthy home:

  1.     Rodent  exterminating service
  2.     Rodent trapping service
  3.     Rodent exclusion and/ or  rodent proofing service
  4.     Rodent clean up service, which would include spraying for parasites, insulation clean up and or replacement as well as sanitizing the infested area
  5.     Rodent population control/rodent baiting services

Remember that rat clean up or rodent cleanup is critical in preventing a re-infestation. Rat clean up or rodent clean up should be done by a company that has the proper structural pest control licenses, has the expertise to resolve you rodent clean up problem safely as well as provides the best value to you. Remember,” good work isn’t cheap, cheap work isn’t good”.

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