Laguna Woods Village Rat Control Problem Solved by Wheeler’s Pest Control!

A rodent control service in Orange County for this retirement community
Not really, they haven’t called us to look at the community problem and have pretty much left the problem up to the residents to deal with.
But if you look at what their landscape manager says about the issue you can see why it’s an ongoing problem that won’t go away without a community wide rodent control service.
PCM, Professional Community Management, is the HOA Company that controls this property. Their own records show that the last 3 years rat removal request have gone from 563 requests in 2012, to 823 requests in 2013 and in 2014 the request jumped to 1165 for 2014. Sure shows me a definite trend of a pretty bad rodent control problem at Laguna Woods Village.
So what is being done to solve this rat control issue?
Landscape manager Jerry Rathje has some ideas that just don’t make since to me and is probably the reason this issue is getting out of hand.rodent control orange county
He says,” that rat populations fluctuate from year to year based on the availability of food, water and shelter”. That’s a nice statement, but at the Village there is a constant supply of all the necessary elements rats need to thrive. Therefore, you’re just going to see a continued increase in the rat population until something.
He talks about the predator population helping out. But the only significant predator in that area is the coyote. Predatory birds have never been credited with controlling a rat population. But, as the rat population at the Village continues to increase at a 30% rate per year, you are going to see a direct correlation with the number of coyotes on that property. Jerry, do you want to trade one problem for another? Even with the coming increase in coyotes on your property, you’re going to find they won’t help much.
Jerry seems to think that’s there is a drought at Laguna Woods Village! Even though they are making a valiant effort to reduce water use at The Village, there is plenty of watering of their currant landscape which supplies plenty of water for a big rat population.
Jerry also says,” those rats born during a dry season have a greater chance of survival than those born during wet year”? Would like to see the data he used to come up with that conclusion. To thrive rats need food, water and shelter. During wet years more areas have more weeds, more seeds from plants, more snail, more slugs just more food. Water supplies for the rats increase, shelter areas increase with all the growth trees and plants would go through during a wet year. Furthermore, the better feed the females are the more babies they have per litter. Plus the newborns are better feed because the milk supply of the mother is richer and more plentiful??
Leslie Sherman moved to Laguna Woods and found rats and rat dropping all around her place. She even hears them in her walls.
Anothony Garrio says he sees rats running through the bushes and crawling up the walls of his building at night. “They are over the place”!
Anthony said” I found a rat crawling on the bed of his 91 year old father”!
Anthony said , “ that PCM staff has placed bait stations around his manor, but the situation hasn’t improved!”
Leslie Sherman said it took multiple calls to PCM’S property service before someone came out and left one bait station outside her manor, but it was gone a week later and the problems haven’t slowed down?
It’s pretty apparent they need a company like Wheeler’s Pest Control to come out and survey the problem and develop a real rodent control service.

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