Mission Viejo knocks Laguna Niguel out of top spot!- Wheeler’s Pest Control

By Wheeler's Pest Control Orange County California.

Laguna Niguel has held this top spot for 3 years thrashing all other cities and unincorporated areas in Orange County California. Now Mission Viejo has taken this prestigious position away.

What we are referring to is the number of calls the Orange County Vector Control receives about rat control problems in a city. So how did Mission Viejo get in a position to take this top spot in rat problems? Was it a conscious decision made by Mission Viejo out of jealousy directed at Laguna Niguel?

Leaving palm trees unkempt and untrimmed are a prime source for nesting spots for the roof rat, the main rodent problem in the city. Every expert on Earth, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter will tell you that these unkempt trees provide homes for rats and bats.
Now Bats, we are going to give those guys a break. They eat a lot of insects and with the recent outbreak of West Nile Virus in Orange County; more bats would be welcomed, as long as they stay out of buildings. But rats aren’t going to get a break from us. Ok, rats are used for research, will keep a few around for that. Rats make good pets, just ask the kid that got bit by his just bought pet rat from Petco and died from rat bite fever. No, I will not give a break to rats.
I think letting these trees go was a monetary decision by the city. There just wasn’t money to take care them. But it’s a necessary service that’s needed to keep the rat population down. The trees shown haven’t been trimmed back for over 10 years. So, If you can’t take care of them cut’em down. There is no reason to keep them, the surely don’t look attractive.
Now if you want to keep the rat population under control you have make your home, your neighborhood and you city as unattractive to rats as possible. To do that you have do the following:
Eliminate or minimize all places that provide cover or harborage for the rats
Eliminate or minimize food sources for those little suckers
Eliminate or minimize places they can get water
If rats don’t have those three elements in their environment they will leave. Can you eliminate them 100% using the above list? No. Can you get their population down where you can use other methods like baiting to reduce the problem? Yes.
Wheeler’s Pest Control has been providing rat control service in Mission Viejo for years and currently is providing that service to your local fire stations. Give us a call, we can help.

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