Rodent Control

Wheeler’s Rodent Control Services –Rat and mouse Pest Control

Can Wheeler’s Rodent Control Service solve my rat control problem?

Wheeler’s Rodent Exterminators have specialized in rat control from the inception of the business in 2004. Besides providing successful rat exterminator service for hundreds of homes in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Western and Southern Riverside County, Wheeler’s Rodent Control also services large industrial, institutional and commercial properties throughout the area.

Some examples are:
Orange County Public Works (all County Controlled public building and parking structures), Orange County Sanitation District Plants in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley, Orange County Fire Authority (75 fire stations throughout Orange County).Bob’s Burger Animation studio in Burbank, Liver research faculties in Pasadena and Los Angeles, Utility Agencies in the Inland Empire, Orange County and LA Counties and Healthcare facilities and 5 star restaurants as well.
Our exterminators have over 30 years of successful experience solving the most sensitive rat control problems.

Can Wheeler’s Rodent Exterminators do it safely?
Safety is the top priority for all of our services. Wheeler’s is the only local company that has an OSHA approved Safety Specialist on staff. Every element of our rat control programs are reviewed to guarantee they exceed all safety requirements established by The Environmental Protect Agency (EPA, Federal level) and The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR, State level).

Are you cost effective for me?
“Good Work Isn’t Cheap, Cheap Work Isn’t Good!”
If you looking for the cheapest rodent control service we are probably not the company you want. An effective rodent control program must employ methods that fit your specific situation. They may include sanitation, rat clean-up, rodent exclusion and population reduction elements. So if you are looking for the best and safest possible rodent control service for your home or commercial property give Wheeler’s a call. We will gladly look at your rat control issues and come up with a plan to solve your problem.