Drought causing rodent problems across Southern California

Drought causing rodent problems across Southern California
Wheeler’s Pest Control Orange County

A good drought monitor is the movement of rodent population from their natural environment. The extended drought in Orange County is causing a large influx of rodents, especially rats, mice and rabbits from fields to urban areas to look for food and water. The drought is forcing these rodents inside homes, commercial properties, on to parks and other landscaped properties.
Currently Wheeler’s Pest Control is experiencing an 80% increase in rodent control calls over last year. With less available water outdoors, rodents are using structural openings, trees and bushes to gain access inside Southern California homes and other properties that can provide the necessary water sources they need. “It’s a very busy time for rodent control problems, especially with the drought situation,” said Jon Wheeler of Wheeler’s Pest Control.
Jon said,” "There's no water source for them in their natural setting right now so they're going inside to get it, They are eating more plants, chewing through more irrigation pipes, plumbing pipes, they’re moving from fields to the parks because there is regular irrigating of the landscaping, they’re going to horse stables and kennels because there's water.
Parks like Heritage Park in Irvine, California Oaks Park in Murrieta and
Pala Community Park in Temecula are all seeing a high increase in rodent control problems because that’s where the water is.


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