Giant Rat Eats Car- Causing $5000 in Damage

In earlier blog postings I talked about Giant Rats and Rats Eating Cars. We caught a 3 pounder in Glendale this week. The post talked about these guys being discovered all over Europe and Scandinavia. That New York City is trying to hunt down their source of these big fellows. We also talked about why they are attached to the newer cars. Here a real life example of this growing problem that was posted in a New York Newspaper.
Giant rat caught after causing $5,000 in damage to Irish woman's car
For two months, Laura Sweetnam was trying to figure out what was damaging her car’s upholstery and children’s car seats. When she found a giant rat she was at first scared — but relieved to have solved the mystery.

Sunday, January 25, 2015, 10:48 AM
The police finally solved the mystery of who caused almost $5000 worth of damage to Laura Sweetnam’s car- A giant rat.
Laura finally found the rat two months after her reign of terror began. The 30-year old, who is terrified of rats, said she was “absolutely horrified” to find the rt as she cleaned her new car.

rats in car
“All I could do was let out a shout and slam the boot shut,” she said.

“It’s a relief because the damage caused was unbelievable. Last November I noticed that the seats and interior fittings were being chewed and eaten,” she said.
Laura Sweetnam shows some of the damage a rat has done to her car.
rats in car

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