Pest Control San Diego- Mosquito’s spreading diseases in San Diego County

Pest Control San Diego- Mosquito’s spreading diseases in San Diego County. San Diego Pest Control-Serious Diseases that can move from vectors to humans.
“A vector is either an insect or animal that can spread a disease to humans.”
In 2015 the number of cases of West Nile Virus showed a large increase from the year before. As of late November, 27 confirmed cases have been reported to Health Officials. The latest confirmed death was a 62 year old man from San Diego, who died on October 15, 2015. There were 27 confirmed human cases, including 4 deaths in 2015. Also 303 dead birds were recovered throughout the county and found to be infected.
The Asain Tiger Mosquito or Yellow Fever Mosquito, showed up in the North Ccounty in 2015. County Health Officials have found evidence of this aggressive, day-feeding invasive mosquito in the county this year. This Mosquito has the potential to carry several serious diseases. This mosquito carries these serious diseases: Yellow Fever, Dengue and Chikungunya. These diseases are not native to San Diego County and are rarely seen here unless people have contracted them somewhere else. It was first detected in the North County in Escondido and just a few weeks ago one was found in Chula Vista. The South County started seeing them early in 2015 and Heath Officials don’t know how it spread to the North County. Officials said this insect do not spread rapidly on their own, so someone had to carry them into the North County in their cars or other materials being moved.
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