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Coronado Beach leads in rat calls In San Diego

  • rodent controlAccording to calls made to the San Diego County Vector Control over the last 4 years, Coronado has the highest number of calls for help with rat control problems than any other area in San Diego County. Rats, a disease-carrying rodent will show up anywhere if they can find water, food and a place to hide out. New or old communities, rich or poor communities, they are everywhere in the San Diego area.
    “Susan Heavilin, a member of the Coronado Community Association, said she believes there are a lot of rats in Coronado, and that she sometimes sees them running across power lines. She said it was extremely difficult to get one out of her house when it invaded.”
    “I had over 40 traps set in one room of my house where a rat was known to travel through. He was too smart, though, and could not be trapped,” Heavilin said. “The trap finally caught the tip of his nose so he ran around my house and bled to death. It was worse than a crime scene.”

    San Diego County Vector control staff will help residents of the county identify rat problems and show you how they are getting into your home but they won’t do any rat exclusion or rat baiting for you, rather they will either inform you how to handle a rat control problem or will tell you if you can’t do what’s needed they will tell you to call in a rodent removal service to keep them out of and away from your home. For rats the goal is to keep them out of your home, where they can cause structural damage, start fires by chewing through electrical wiring, destroy heating and cooling ducts in addition to spreading disease.
    Rats can get into any structures through holes or gaps that are the size of a quarter, and if there aren’t any gaps large enough to get through, they will chew and dig their way in if they want to get in. Ryan Wheeler from Wheeler’s Pest Control said the San Diego area has the perfect climate for the roof rat, which is the most prolific rat in the area. I’ve seen them running down telephone and electrical lines, climbing in trees and bushes and coming out of storm drains in Coronado during the day. I’ve seen them coming out of trees and run right into storm drains in Coronado.
    Many of the cities and areas with the highest numbers of rat problem calls to San Diego County Vector are high income areas like Encinitas, Carlsbad Rancho Bernardo, and Fairbanks Ranch. The Coastal areas with older infrastructures are other areas with a heavy number of calls for rat control services.
    “Well, you can certainly keep them out of your house,” Ryan said, “but if your neighbor doesn’t care and is feeding the birds or the squirrels or whatever — if there is food around — you are going to have them.”

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