Wheeler’s Pest Control is proud to be serving the San Diego region

Our team at Wheeler’s Pest Control is proud to be serving the San Diego region. From our local coastal areas, to far inland, our family is here to help our community properly manage pest issues. While our weather here is some of the best in the world, it also means our insects, rats, mice, gophers, they can be a year round issue to content with.

If you rent, own a home, need a business looked at, or even large commercial or government property to take care of, we put our effort in to the craftsmanship of our service you only find in people who care about what they do, and you should expect no less.

We care about the place we live and work in, so our team at Wheeler’s tunes the services were provide to uphold this. The careful applications of the products we use daily, getting the work done right the first time to reduce time on the road, quality inspections, even making sure our gear is working properly, these are all designed with one thing in mind… Treating the places we work, the people we meet, and the environments we encounter in a manner for which we would want to live in.

Here is one of our vehicles in the Carlsbad Village, and in downtown Encinitas off of D Street.

Carlsbad Pest Control

Encinitas Pest Control

Encinitas Pest Control

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