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Coronado Beach leads in rat calls In San Diego- Wheeler’s Pest Control Carlsbad

San Diego Pest Control- Rodent Control Service According to calls made to the San Diego County Vector Control over the last 4 years, Coronado has the highest number of calls for help with rat control problems than any other area in San Diego County. Rats, a disease-carrying rodent will show up anywhere if they can find...
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Consequences of California’s Record Drought

Pest Control Orange County Ca Wheeler’s Pest Control specializes in rodent control, rat control, and rat extermination. 2014 ended up being our busiest every. The reason of the big increase in business was the weather. You see some people think there is a drought and in one way they are right. All the open areas...
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Before you read the following you have to promise you won’t reveal the following secrets! Rodent Control Orange County, Secrets reveled!

A good rodent control company in Orange County will send out an experienced exterminator to evaluate a rat control or mouse control problem. Once...

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Rodent Control around your home or business – Wheeler’s Rodent

RODENT BAITING Rodent Control around your home or business The rats in your home or in your business are only a small percentage of the total rodent population in your area.  The more rats surrounding your property, the greater the risk of an infestation or re-infestation! You see rats are opportunistic creatures. All they do...
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