Commonly called pincher bugs are one of the top ten bugs you see in and around your home in southern California. Earwigs are most seen during the spring rains, when their nesting zones are flooded out. Earwigs live in and lay eggs in moist areas, under rock, leafs, concrete slabs. Earwigs feed on plant seedlings and small insects.

Earwig Control Services

Wheeler’s Pest Control provides Earwig pest control services. Preventing earwigs during summer is done by applying a treatment of a flushing agent mix with a residual product. In the winter time is the best time to start treating and preventing them in summer months to come. This is why we use of different product at different times of the year when on a year round pest control program.

How To Get Rid of Earwigs corrective actions

Earwig pest control can be reduced by landscape correction and reduction of overwatering.

Correct Landscape conditions

–Make sure under plants and bushes are free of debris. If you have bark/mulch or rocks in your landscape it must be keep very dry underneath or it will become a breading ground.

Over watering

– Is the most common cause of earwigs in your yard is overwatering. Ensure the first inch of soil drys daily. If the top layer of soil never drys out it will increase pest control issues.

Seal cracks on concrete

– seal cracks and crevices with concrete crack caulking install new mastic where garage slab meets driveway. Ensure door thresholds and window are sealed.