Home Pest Control

At Wheeler’s Pest Control we know how important it is to live in a safe, clean and beautiful home. That’s why our home pest control services are tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners.

The Pest Control Problems

This area has a perfect climate for several types of persistent pests. With the need to irrigate our home landscapes we create the perfect living conditions for pests. Ant Control, Spider Control, Gopher Control, Rat Control, Mouse Control and Ground Squirrel control are all Pest Control Services that torment Residence in this area.

Pest Control Services options include:

Quarterly  –

This pest control service is the one we recommend the most. This pest control service is done 4 times a year on a regularly scheduled service. It is the same as the bi-monthly service except it done less often which saves you a little money on an annual base. With this service you may start to see a little outside pest activity start up the third month after your initial service. You may see some ants showing up in your yard or spiders starting to show up outside. This service is for those that have a little more tolerance for pest activity in their yards.

Every Other Month –

Pest Control Problems in the area are a year round problem. One pest control service you may want to consider is a bi-monthly service that provides 6 regularly scheduled services. This service is for properties that have more persistent pest problems and are less tolerant to pest activity. This service is best for properties with heavy spider activity, rat and mouse problems. It’s the service for people with little tolerance for pests. Inside treating is done upon request and any problems that may come up in-between services if done free.

One-time Service

This pest control service is for homeowners who have a specific insect problem, like ants, and don’t want a regular maintenance program. We offer a warranty on all of these services. Wheeler’s Pest control also offers services for specialty types pests:

Rat infestation Solutions: trapping, exclusion, clean-up and baiting services
Gopher Control Services
Ground Squirrel Control Services
Bee exterminating Service
Bird Control, Bird Clean-up Services
Nuisance Wildlife Trapping and Removal Services

ANTS- Fire Ants, Red Imported Fire Ants and Argentina Ants Control Services
Call Wheeler’s Pest Control for Pest Control Services that Really Work: 877-595-2847

Protecting your home & family from unwanted pests is more than just an inconvenience. These pests can pose health risks and cause property damage. Wheeler's exterminators are trained, dedicated professionals who will provide expert, high quality services on a bi-monthly basis. Wheeler's Pest Control is A Rated With the BBB and Angie's List Servicing Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties.

Wheeler's Pest Control delivers quality home pest control services in the following areas:

  1. Orange County
  2. San Diego
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Riverside

So you've decided to hire a professional pest control service company to eliminate what's bugging you. If have questions you want answered, you want a reasonably priced professional exterminator who is fully licensed, insured and bonded that will do quality work CALL US AT 877-595-2847. Temecula, Murrieta, Winchester Corona, lake Elsinore, And more

Treating Inside the Home

Most pests can be controlled without treating the inside of your house. In certain cases and depending on what has infested your home, spraying inside may be necessary. In any case treating the inside is done upon request at no additional cost.

What to expect with Wheeler's Pest Control Services

Usually after the first service, your home is cleared of those invading pest you called us for. Then it's just a matter of controlling them on the outside. 95% of our customers are not at home when we come to service the property. We call the day before the scheduled appointment as a reminder and ask that you leave the side gate unlocked for access. After the service, we lock the gate and leave the invoice for the service on the front door. If you have a problem in between services, just give us a call and we'll be back at no cost.

The Year Round, pest control plans features:

  • A trained and experienced exterminator (with 10 years' experience in the pest control field) is assigned to your home;
  • Regularly scheduled pest control service every other month;
  • Service calls scheduled at your convenience;
  • Pest control service plans for the most common pests, including ants, outdoor roaches, wasps, rodents, spiders, earwigs, and crickets.
  • Recommendations for preventing future problems;
  • You can call us in between services if a problem arises;
  • Convenient payment option. Wheeler's EZ Pay Plan automates payment, so you don't have to worry.
  • Most importantly, we will treat your home as if it were our own.


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