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Yorba Linda Pest Control

Pest Control in Yorba Linda is a year round issue due to the hot weather, which means pest persistent is high. Most common pest and rodent issues in Yorba Linda are ants, spiders, bees, Rats, ground squirrels and gophers.

Wheeler’s Pest Control has been keeping the residents and local businesses of  Yorba Linda pest-free for over 15 years. We provide expert pest control programs, rodent and bee removals and hive removal. We also provide exclusion services to keep your home rodent-free after our service.

Pest control around my home is best done my expert licensed techs, training and experience is the key to control pest and rodent away from your home. After 32 years in the pest control industry I have learn experience and training are key to resolving issue in a safer manner.

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Wheeler’s Pest Control Exterminators offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly pest control services to keep your Yorba Linda home or business pest-free all year. After working from a pest tech to pest control owner, I have come to find you get what you pay for with pest control products.

Are mission is to provide the most experienced techs and use the best products on the market.


Ants enter homes in search of water sources that’s why they seem to be a summer pest. When water drys up on the outside in the hot summer ants are sure to come in. Ant get 90% of their food for honey dew on plants, although if they find a cookie they will take it too.


Bed bugs are are the hardest pest to control and more often the not a professional is needed to resolve the issue timely and safely.


Bee Control in Yorba Linda comes in the spring and summer when bees swarm. Bees usually go in to holes by your attic to start a colony and make honey. You will see bees going in and out of your walls increase as temperatures go up. Bee removal can be dangerous.


Centipedes tend to come out after heavy rains bring them up to the surface. They have a sting worst the a bee.


Cockroaches are common pests in Yorba Linda mostly found are large flying America Roaches with are native, but do invade home is summer looking for water sources.


Crickets slip in though door seals and make chirping sounds that may drive you crazy.


Earwigs are on  Yorba Linda’s most hated bug and have pincher on their bottom and are black.


Flea can easily be control with advances in new products and pet treatments. They are less of an issue in resent years.


Spiders are a common issue in  Yorba Linda that invade all year round. They are one of the most common reasons people want pest control service due to the bites.


Wasps nest around the eves home are round honeycomb looking. Small in number but aggressive when disturbed.


Rodent infestations in Yorba Linda are most likely a Norway rat issue,.  Their baby may look like a mouse but not for long as they are one of the bigger rats in saunter California. Rodent issue start with trapping, sealing holes, and population control.


Yorba Linda wildlife trapping includes Skunks, raccoons, opossum, rats, and mice.


Bird Control in Yorba Linda is growing due to solar panels become a nesting zone. So if you get solar you will need bird control.


Gopher are one of the most destructive pest in  Yorba Linda, destroying landscapes and undermining concrete and foundation. We Are gopher experts specializing in parks, School Sports fields, and homes.

Protecting your Yorba Linda home & family from unwanted pests is more than just an inconvenience. These pests can pose health risks and cause property damage. Wheeler's exterminators are trained, dedicated professionals who will provide expert, high quality services on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Wheeler's Pest Control is A Rated With the BBB and Angie's List Servicing Yorba Linda, and all of Orange County. Call Today to get your Yorba Linda pest control services started.

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