Corona Virus | Covid19 Virus Disinfection Service

WHEELER’S PEST CONTROL provides Disinfection Services for Hantavirus, Coronavirus/ Covid-19, and may others. We have the 15 years experience in Sanitizing and disinfecting home, hospitals, and commercial buildings in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. We have the material and equipment to accomplish the following: in commercial properties Locations.

-Mobilization to the job site
Don proper personal protective equipment based on the type of decontamination required.

-Spray EPA registered and CDC approved antiviral disinfectant via airless spraying system on:
o  Doors
o  Furniture
o  Doorways/knobs
o  Restrooms
o  Elevator control pads
o  Hand rails
o Wipe “high-touch” surfaces with antiviral disinfectant then apply antiviral fogger for hard to reach areas.
If possible, please have all personal items removed or covered.

Debris and rags will be containerized for appropriate transportation and disposal.

How to Clean Up possible COVID-19 Workplace Contamination

Employers can be cited by OSHA for “failing to take reasonable steps to prevent a hazard.” And now disinfecting for COVID-19 is now a focus for OSHA and falls under that category.

As the number COVID-19 cases climbs, so does the number of businesses, schools and other meeting spots that now need to be deep cleaned.

Wheeler’s Pest Control has revisited best practices for coronavirus clean up and just how much disinfecting is going to cost.                                                         For 2 decades Wheeler’s Pest Control has provided cleaning services for businesses that have had rodent, rats and mice, infestations. The diseases they carry are Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, Rat-Bite Fever and a dozen other pathogen rodents spread.

Now, a new battle!

Now with 20 years’ experience fighting those diseases, we are adding cleaning COVID-19 sites to our services. CDC and OSHA best practices for cleaning up COVID-19 sites are exactly the same.

What does it take?

It takes a fully encapsulated suit, three pairs of gloves, knee pads, one-time use rags and a full-face respirator. To safely sanitize and disinfect a location with a known COVID-19 case requires using the universal precaution methods define by OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

“We’re just started getting calls about this issue, averaging 20 plus per week. Each call involves many questions about what we do and how we removing bio hazards.

CEO, Daniel Wheeler says following best practices for sanitizing, disinfecting and then wiping away residue in any office set up is critical: cleaning every single surface that maybe touched, not just the receiver but key boards, the entire phone set-up.

Don’t throw used cleaning supplies, in your dumpster, please,”! Take used cleaning supplies off site and dispose of it properly.

And many cautions against coronavirus deep cleaning adds for $1,500 or less.

A responsible job, especially for a workplace, can cost much more than that.

“It all depends on the complexity of, size of the facility and what kind of equipment they might have,” Daniel said.