Rat and Mouse Plague Coming to San Clemente Again!

Rat and Mouse Plague Coming to San Clemente Again!
It’s not the drought that will cause this rodent control problem
Back in 1992 San Clemente and the surrounding cities were plagued with a severe infestation of roof rats and mice. There was no unusual circumstance that caused the problem other than weather patterns that caused the rodent control problem.
We have the drought going on for the past few years but droughts are relatively common in Southern California and throughout the western states. The California Blue Oak is nature’s rain gage in California and was recently studied to determine drought history of our state.

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Like most trees, they grow slower when there is less water and grow more when there is more water. Their growth rings show when they get less water the rings are not as wide as the rings that are created when water is more plentiful. Daniel Griffin, the assistant professor from the University Of Minnesota that lead this study said we are in the worst drought in the last 1200 years.
But the coming rodent control problem is not based on how much rain we get but rather when we get any measurable amounts of rain. Over the last few years the little rain we got was in late January, February or later. This season we got some rain in much earlier. If you go outside and look around you’ll see the hill sides starting to green up. That green looks nice but that green is also a major source of food for rats and mice.

But what does that really mean? Rats and mice litter size are determined by how well the female rats are feed. Studies show that in dry years, when food is less available, litter sizes are 30 to 60 percent less than when there is plenty of food to eat. Have a rodent control company cutting down the population will be critical.

When we got this early rain the process of the weeds growing started two months earlier than previous years. That means those rats and mice will have two months more to fatten up, produce larger litters and have more litters than the past few years. Yes, we expect that the rodent population around our homes is going to explode, just like 1992 when we had the same early rains.
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