10 Secrets to reduce the possibilities of a Home Pest Control Infestation!

Get ready for the coming spring pest control problems

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With spring just around the corner and some of you ladies looking for work you can put on your honey do list, Wheeler’s Pest Control is giving you some tips that will help prevent a pest control or rodent control problem at your home this year.

Check your screens and door to make sure they are tight fitting. All doors leading to the outside should have door sweeps, that includes you garage door. All screens should be tight fitted with no hole in the screen.
Make sure you outside lighting minimizes the number and types of critters attracted to you house. Reduce wattage of what you’re using now, don’t use mercury vapor or florescent bulbs, they are highly attractive to bugs. Switch to halogen or sodium vapor bulbs. They attract fewer bugs. Switch bulb colors. Use yellow bulbs instead of white ones. Use motion sensitive lights outside.
1.) Seal all cracks on your home’s exterior. This will help keep the ants, spiders and earwigs out.
2.) On the Inside, don’t leave food sitting out. It will attract flies, roaches, rats and mice.
On the outside don’t leave food out, especially dog or cat food. Rats and mice love that stuff.
3.)Pickup all dog poop, rats eat it, flies breed in it.
4.) Remove all piles of debris from your yard, especially stuff you put up against the building. That stuff will provide a perfect home for insects and especially rats, mice and killer bees.
5.) Eliminate plant cover around the base of your home; keep it at least one foot away from the foundation. The organic matter and moisture attracts everything. Also cut back shrubs so they don’t touch the house. That’s a highway in to you home for all bugs.
6.) Trim back trees away from you home and make sure they don’t reach over the roof. Roof rats will use the overhanging braches to get on the roof and into your home.
7.)Snails and Slugs, a rat’s favorite food. Go get some Sluggo or some other snail and slug bait. You will need a lot, so get the big bag. Use it to get rid of those guys around the foundation of your house and in you other beddings.
8.)Make sure you sprinklers aren’t watering your home. The water won’t make your house grow and get bigger but that moisture will attract termites, bugs and rodents.
9.)Clean out your gutters .That a great place for mosquitos to breed out of sight. With the currant West Nile Virus outbreak in Orange County and Los Angeles you should be telling you neighbors to do the same.
10.) Get a good pesticide for a perimeter treatment around the base of you home, around the door frames and windows. That should keep those little creatures at bay.
Hope these tips will help reduce you pest control and possible rodent control issues this year. Also, Ladies you can call up a blank page on word, entitle it honey do, and cut and paste this list for your better half. Just don’t tell him we gave it to you.
If you want help you can give Wheeler’s Pest Control a call 877-595-2847.

Wheeler's Pest Control Servicing Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside.

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