A new invasive species arrives in Orange County

ant control orange countyA new ant never seen in Orange County has been found in Costa Mesa. As you can see it chases this poor lady all the way to Huntington Beach. Reports are she accidentally stepped near its nest and caused the ant to attach.
Not really, but a new ant not seen in Orange County has been found in a Costa Mesa neighborhood. Officials said it was discovered in a Mesa Verde neighborhood. It’s called the “Big Headed Ant”.
Other than the fact that it can bit your leg off with its powerful mandibles in an instant it’s pretty much harmless to humans. It can become a nuisance pest by invading your home or business. They don’t sting and/or bite like the red imported fire ant, but they will destroy native ant populations.
This exotic ant likely arrived on a plant shipment into Orange County that was overlooked by agriculture inspectors. Currently a 78 square mile area around Costa Mesa is being searched for this guy’s friends. Like in the movie “Them” from 1954, even though they are rather large, they are hard to find.
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