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Terrorist Invade Temecula

These relentless and bloody bands of warriors have an empire that includes the whole world, except for Antarctica. Temecula and Murrieta California has become a real strong hold of these marauders. You’ll find that they are almost impossible to exterminate.
Late in the 19th century a small band of these marauders stowed away on trading ships from Argentina heading to New Orleans. They quickly spread from there throughout the Southeast fighting on the run. As the spread they dominated native species and devastated local agriculture.
Then, in the early 20th century, a small group of these bad guys slipped onto a west bound train late at night. During their trip they plotted and planed their invasion of California. In about 1907 they started showing up in Los Angeles and began to spread up and down the coast as well as inland to Temecula and Murrieta.
As they spread they attacked and destroyed other ants on contact and destroyed their nests. They also destroyed honey bee colonies, beetles, lizards and ground nest birds. This advancing horde has displaced many species and upset the native ecosystems were ever they go. One example of the problems this ant causes is “The Horned Lizard of the California”. This lizard was native to coastal California before the Argentina Ant invasion. It feed almost exclusively on the native ant population. When this invader began its spread, it killed off most of the native ants and subsequently eliminated this lizard’s main food source, starving that poor guy to death.
They also cause millions of dollars in damage to local agriculture. This ant “farms” aphids and scale for the nectar they produce. This ant protects these pests from their predators leaving them free to spread and destroy crops and your ornamental plants.
Humans create the perfect environment for this ant to thrive and spread. You see they need moisture in their environment to thrive. Corp irrigation and landscaping irrigation create the perfect habitat to speed up and spread this guy. Humans also provide them with plenty of food to spur on their conquest.
The question is, “how do I keep these guys out of my home or office”? The products you buy at Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware just aren’t real effective on this ant. You see, to control this guy you have to kill of the nest with 6 to 8 queens. You have to use a product that the foraging ants can take back to the nest and spread around to the colony. The consumer products are all contact pesticides, just killing off those that are sprayed.
Wheeler’s uses a professional grade ant control product that is designed to allow the foraging ants to pick it up on the microscopic hairs and carry it back to their nests. Once they get back to their nest they spread it to the others and to the queens. It then eliminates the entire colony.
Call Wheeler’s Pest Control for your ant control problems, we’d be glade to help.

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