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Rodent Control around your home or business

The rats in your home or in your business are only a small percentage of the total rodent population in your area.  The more rats surrounding your property, the greater the risk of an infestation or re-infestation! You see rats are opportunistic creatures. All they do is explore their home area, looking for food, water and new or better shelters to hide in. When their original nesting site becomes overcrowded some will move out to other areas they have explored and set up a new colony.

Therefore, keeping the general population under control is a must if you want to keep rodent problems at bay.

Wheeler’s rodent control service provides secured bait stations around your property that will thin out the surrounding rodents which relieves the pressure on your home. You can significantly reduce the risk of future infestations.



A rodent bait station service consists of placing bait stations on the exterior of your property. The placement and number of stations is optimized depending on the size of the population.

The bait stations are serviced bi-monthly were we refill these stations with fresh bait and ensure your protection is maximized. A thorough inspection is done with each visit to make sure no new rodent problem is brewing.

Signs of brewing rodent problems around your building

  • Rodents will usually create paths between feeding and harborage areas. They will create pathways over these heavily traveled paths.
  • You find rodent droppings on your concrete porches
  • Rodents leave grease marks on objects along their runway
  • You find dead rodents in your pool or spa
  • Your pet leave dead rodents at your door step
  • Dogs looking out a door or window and barking
  • You see rodent in trees, on your fence, running down overhead phone or electrical lines
  • You see rodents in the streets


  • Receive 25% off your bait station installation if you schedule today!

Build a powerful defense against rodent problems by combining rodent proofing and a rodent baiting service and get a life time guarantee against any rodent control problems.

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